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What is the Superone Trivia Gaming App ?

The Superone Trivia Gaming App is so much more than just a trivia quiz or online game.

After years of testing and development, Superone are finally releasing their free to play sports and entertainment trivia game.

To download simply click here and download the app for free

The game is free to play during the pre-launch in early 2023 until the paid version is released in the first few months

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This game is set to disrupt the entire trivia gaming market so join today for free, play the game and win some cash.

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Once you have tried the game and you like it make sure you go to the presentation page on this site and discover how to become a Smart gamer.

You see a regular player can only make money by winning the game. There are at least 280 games a day so you do have a good chance of winning something but how would you like to activate 7 different ways to get paid, play for free and get paid INSTANTLY into your account?

It is like owning a share of a company and you get lots of micro payments into your account 24/7, 365 days a year!

Literally fill your account while you sleep.

Now, I need to be clear here that you do have to buy a membership for this to activate the 7 revenue streams, and the earning potential will only really start to kick in once the paid version is released in a few months’ time.

We do not give investment advice and we do not make any income claims whatsoever so check our terms and make sure you do your homework and ask as many questions as you need.

We have a comprehensive FAQ section here too which will answer 99% of your questions as well as answering any concerns you may have on social media too but please understand that we are just affiliates. We are NOT Superone themselves so some questions must be directed to Superone support who are excellent.

The other option is to get on any live presentation calls that we have each week and ask your questions in the Q & A following the information session that goes through all the core information and gives you any updates we may have had that week too.

The good news is you can get the best deals on the platform today before the prices go up.

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Who are The Smart Gamers Club?

We are a leading Affiliate team promoting the Superone Trivia gaming app so if you found us to download the app congratulations.

We can help you understand the Superone app and coming Fandom metaverse.


  1. Register
  2. Watch the presentation to get all the information
  3. Upgrade or simply play the game.
  4. If you upgrade simply share your game referral link with your friends to join for free and then show them steps 1-4.
  5. Join us on social media and subscribe to our email list to be entered into monthly competitions for luxury holidays, business tools and other prizes.

I know many of you out there, like myself, have been burned by MLMs, Crypto ponzi’s rug pulling your money from under your feet again and again but the Superone game is fun, exciting and nothing like you have seen before.


  1. You don’t have to sell your family and friends and be a pain
  2. You don’t have to learn crypto
  3. You don’t have to learn all about the blockchain
  4. You don’t have to risk your money in complicated DEFI mining “investments”
  5. You do NOT have to be concerned about this being a ponzi or a scam. (The presentation will make that very clear!)
  6. Very low investment for a high potential reward.
  7. Massive potential to scale
  8. Strong strategic partnerships
  9. Not 100% dependent on the crypto market

It’s the perfect blend of traditional business and currency, with a mix of  referral commission,  royalty bonuses for advertising and digital swap cards (NFTs), recurring revenue share and crypto.

All you have to do is play the game and share it.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Superone Player and a Smart Gamers Club “Creator?”

A regular player can only make money by beating other players and being in the top 3 at the end of the game whereas a Gold member or higher activates 7 different ways to earn money and/or crypto. 3 actively, yes you have to do a little work for that but it’s the easiest thing in the world to do and 4 are completely passive, so the more people joining the app the more money is distributed amongst the members (called creators.)


Well, it is every new member’s #1 goal to be at least at the Gold Level.

This activates the potential 7 different revenue streams which you can learn more about in the presentation.

Early adopters stand to make significant games when the games and fandom metaverse are fully developed so get all the information now and build your group asap.

We will show you how!

Join Superone with The Smart Gamers Club?

We are a group of experienced affiliates, digital and network marketers who can show you how to harness the power of social media and numerous other systems to consistently grow your community and affiliate payments.

Not only that we are dedicated to your success and above all having fun.

We have to have fun in this business and earn while you learn a few very simple steps to become a Smart gamers and Superone App success story.

Join us on social media and make sure you are actively opening our emails so you qualify for the monthly prizes and promotions we give EXCLUSIVELY to our group in the Superone platform.

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We want to see engagement and cultivate a proactive and ambitious group building The Smart Gamers Club and the Superone metaverse.

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