Superone Affiliates - The Smart Gamers Club

Smart Gamers Club is dedicated to helping new members keen to discover the power of the Superone and Fandom metaverse opportunity. 

The founders of the Smart Gamers Club come from a diverse range of industries including marketing, finance, gambling, advertising & PR. 

We have decades of experience and are consistently updating the site and group with new tools and resources to help grow the community.

Our intention is to make this business fun for everyone who joins.

We will be running  competitions for accommodation, vacations and helpful business tools and resources to help our members get the best out of their membership

Superone Affiliates

The game is fast, exciting and rewarding with daily cash prizes for the top 3 winners in each Battle Royale Game

The free version will be available from December 15th until the company decides to launch the paid version of the games in the first half of 2023.

So join Superone today and play for free before the world knows about it.