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The Smart gamers Club is a group of experienced affiliate and online marketers who love crypto and making money.

We are always on the look out for new opportunities that look like they may go viral and have a huge upside.

We have been watching the Superone Trivia Gaming App develop for the last couple of years and we are very happy to tell you more about it.

We always liked the concept but we were not sure whether it would grow wings and fly but as of December 2022 we feel confident enough to start talking about it more freely.

Inevitably, when an innovative company like Superone appears on the gaming and affiliate scene, many questions are asked and there are often many sceptics casting doubts over the company.

We took our time looking at the company founders and liked the way they handled the bumps along the way.

This is a complex business so we won’t get through all the details in this one post.

We highly recommend you visit to get a thorough explanation of the platform, the game and how the business works.

Make sure you give us your name and email so we can enter you into the monthly competition draw for luxury accommodation and other prizes.

This business should be fun and The Smart Gamers Club is all about helping people become successful and finding ways to make is easier and fun along the way.

It is probably the easiest way for you to grow an online business in the world today.

Just play and share.

No selling required!

So read on and enjoy the ride!


SuperOne is the latest in trivia gaming to hit the market and set to totally revolutionize how trivia games are played.

Utilizing a hybrid of USD currency & Crypto, referral marketing and traditional strategic corporate partnerships, Superone truly is the best of both worlds.

This is a state of the art, knowledge based, super-modern Play to Earn Trivia Game with premium security and features unlike anything else in the gaming industry.

A disruptive gaming platform creating a brand-new experience for fans and trivia buffs around the world.

Sports and entertainment fans will be tested to their limits to be the last fan standing at the end of each game.

A momentous trivia battle for sports and entertainment enthusiasts who want to win hundreds, even thousands of daily trivia battles awarding cash prizes to the top 3 winning contestants.


1. Fan Arena (Fandom): Onboard fans and create fandom

2. Quick Play (Fame): Challenges and Leader board games

3. Battle Royale (Fights): Last fan standing prize games

4. Brawls (Fanships): Influencer and club tournaments

Everything is paid instantly in real time using USD, XRP and USDC.

Join Superone today and play for free during the pre-launch phase before the paid versions of the game are released:

This is a platform that will change the social sports and entertainment scene forever by bringing all fandoms together under one interactive and social roof.

SuperOne is founded by the Norwegian entrepreneur Andreas Christensen who has extensive experience in the tech and gaming world Their offices are located in Norway, Jakarta, Indonesia and New Delhi, India..

The token on the platform is called the Superoken and will be listed on various exchanges in the first half of 2023.

Members are called “Creators” and the Creators can buy these crypto tokens in packages called Lootboxes that contain different numbers of tokens depending on what level you buy in at.

You can join at various levels of commitment.

1.     Free $10,

2.     $100 (Bronze),

3.     $500 (Silver),

4.     $1000 (Gold) ,

5.     $10000 (Platinum)

6.     $50,000 (Diamond)

The $10 to $500 level Lootboxes do not attract any passive bonuses.

You only get the referral bonuses for sharing the game.

So if you do not have $1000 to activate the 4 passive revenue streams we recommend you buy what you can afford and share the game to build up your account to USD1000 so you can upgrade to Gold and unlock the 4 passive revenue streams described below.

These lootbox memberships are like “shares” and will give you dividend like revenue share payments.

The more tokens you have, the more revenue share payments you will receive from every transaction that occurs on the paid platform.



When someone buys a Gold, Platinum or Diamond Lootbox they get an additional 4 revenue streams:

1.     Supertoken Bonus: Super is the principal currency and main utility token used throughout the SuperOne ecosystem and the basis of all transactions and interactions on the platform.

The amount of Super each Creator has will depend on the Lootbox purchased.

Remember holding Super will qualify the Creator for multiple micro-payments whenever a transaction occurs on the platform.

Super gets 10% fees on all transactions to help make the platform sustainable in the future.

2.     NFT Card Bonus: these are non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing our unique collection of game assets directly connected to the questions in the games. You will get different number of Cards depending on the Lootbox you purchase when you join.

 Cards get 5% paid on passes and freezes in the game.

3.     Space Bonus:  Advertising spaces are non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing our unique collection of advertising assets natively embedded in the gameplay experience. You will get different types of spaces depending on the Lootbox you purchase.

Spaces get 5% on all ads played.

We recommend you visit

4.     Pool Token Bonus: Earn a bonus paid instantly from every transaction on the platform. The amount depends on the Lootbox level you purchased. Visit  to get all the information you need and to have your questions answered.

Creators can purchase a Gold Lootbox for USD1,000 to activate these 4 unique revenue streams making it a total of 7 potential income streams available.

These consist of 3 active referral bonuses where you literally just share the game with people you know.

You do NOT have to sell anything.

You simply share and let the game sell itself.

The more you share, the more people play and the more people will be upgrading in your community.

If you don’t want to share you can sit back and enjoy the 4 passive revenue streams that behave similar to earning dividends as an “investor” holding shares in a company.

This works in a similar fashion as you can derive payments from the tokens and other methods outlined earlier

Superone is set to disrupt the world of sports trivia play-to-earn games.

Make money to play, watch ads, and refer your friends – and those are just the first three.

Superone redefines play-to-earn games and offers new possibilities for sports enthusiasts throughout the world.

The new app combines the fun of trivia gaming with the innovative reward opportunities created by recent blockchain innovations.

The game founders are giving you the chance to test your sports knowledge and earn rewards.

They have created a series of extra community features as well, to scale up the opportunities available to the Fandom Metaverse members..

Superone gives you the chance to progress from being  simple gamer to joining the back-end and sharing in the potentially large revenue pool of the app and its creator community.

The game itself is super intuitive, engaging and exciting guaranteed to keep you coming back again and again.

You’ll have fun freezing out the questions and smoke screening your friends to make it more competitive.

Just keep swiping and playing the 280+ games a day to win.

Find Out More At

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