Superone Launch Sports Trivia Gaming App - Successful BETA Test Update - Smart Gamer Club

Superone Launch Sports Trivia Gaming App – Successful BETA Test Update

Superone Launch Sports Trivia Gaming App

Superone Launch Sports Trivia Gaming App – Successful BETA Test Update

First Week of BETA Superone Trivia Gameplay Results Go Smoothly!

The Smart Gamers Club is happy to report that the Superone Trivia Game is up and running and here to stay after a successful first week of testing the public BETA version of the Superone Gaming App.

superone online trivia gaming app

First, this is the most basic version of the game there will ever be.

This initial public beta version will be significantly improved and expanded upon as we evolve the game and the fandom metaverse supporting it.

Many additional features are being developed and tested before releasing to the public in the first quarter of 2023.


superone play to earn game

Some of you may think the game is a bit simple, and you would be correct. It is meant to be.

Hopefully, you can see that the concept works as we are carefully building the platform to be both exciting and fun and technically solid on the backend.

The gaming experience must be clean, consistent, and seamless.

smart gamers superone

As a result, Superone has yet to start any major marketing campaigns.

These will commence closer to the paid version’s formal launch and ensure we become the new emerging star of the gaming industry in 2023 and beyond.

superone smart gamers club


1. 2,400 games with 7,200 prize winners in the first 200 hours of continuous live gameplay.

2. Each game, on average, had 16 players, and each player played an average of 20 rounds.

super one app

These numbers are great and gave us great insights into player behavior and feedback.

It’s a great testimony to the Superone game concept and advanced technology.

The fully-fledged version will reach every football fan worldwide this year!


superone game

That’s where we are heading next year, and if you have already joined via, you are in very early, and that’s only going to be an advantage to anyone who joins before the full version rolls out in Q1 this year.

That sounds great, but there will always be some glitches. Superone has identified these as the main issues in week 1 of gameplay!

super one play to earn

We, The Smart Gamers Club, think you’ll be impressed to learn how they resolved these issues as they happened.

1. 36 hours after Superone went public, a process on the game server cluster halted and prevented new games from starting. We urgently fixed the issue, and the technical support team added preventive measures to clear the problem.

2. About 70 hours later, winnings were not appearing in players’ accounts due to a display error. The winnings were correctly recorded in the database but did not display properly. This issue was rectified the same day.

3. Superone also encountered repetitive questions due to a tagging function error that included overlapping issues with right/wrong responses.

superone gaming app

All these issues were cleared up quickly, and as a result, Superone has a new version with many improvements and fixes under review.

These will be deployed as soon as they attain approval from the app stores to upload the upgraded version.

In the meantime, Superone and The Smart Gamers Club would like to thank you all for your enthusiastic support.

what is superone

This year will be excellent for everyone involved, and we will significantly impact the gaming industry.

The Smart Gamers Club was put together to develop the most successful Affiliate Team in the Superone Family.

Make sure you join Superone with The Smart gamers Club here:

Guarantee your success and have fun along the way too!

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We, The Smart Gamers Club, look forward to welcoming you to the Private Facebook Group and assisting you with building your online business fast.

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