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Superone Players Win Cash Prizes Paid Instantly – Join SuperoneJoin Superone Today!”/>

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  • $300 billion
  • 7 Revenue Streams
  • Revolutionary platform
  • KPMG Monthly Audits
  • Rewards Paid INSTANTLY In Real-Time

Online gaming is wildly popular and it’s now a $300 billion annual market.

Trivia gaming accounts for over 25% of that market and is growing at over

7% annually according to recent Statista & Accenture data.

The great news for you, is it’s not too late to get involved and even better,

you found us before this market really starts to take off.

There literally is NO better time than now!

So Welcome.

We are the Smart Gamers Club.

The leading Affiliate team of the Superone Online Trivia Gaming App

Superone is revolutionizing how trivia gamers play to earn online.

Soon you will be able to play exciting trivia games against other fans

around the world starting in Q3 2022/Q1 2023.

Innovative gaming that is both fun, exciting and above all – VERY REWARDING.

Not only for the players but for the affiliates in the backend too.

Gamers get paid to play against their opposition fans and even their favourite players and celebrities.

Imagine them playing against your favourite player or celebrity?

This is an unprecedented opportunity for new players like Superone to take the lion’s share of the market.

Can you imagine sharing in the millions of transactions being completed

Every day? Every hour? Every Second?

No doubt you could hear this and say “this sounds too good to be true” and ask yourself “Is Superone Legit” or is it just another ponzi scheme and a scam?

And we totally understand why you would feel that way. However, we can totally put you at ease as Superone have commissioned the renowned consultancy firm KPMG to INDEPENDENTLY audit the Superone financial system EVERY month

So NO ladies and gentlemen this company is completely legitimate and not a scam that will take your hard earned money and run!

Quite the opposite in fact

As you will see, the game sells itself…

So share it with your friends and be a part of the Superone growth.

Gamers can upgrade to join in the backend as well, so they can play for free and can literally share in the potentially HUGE International Revenue Pool that can be used to buy both crypto and convert into your preferred currency.

What’s more payments are instantly too 24/7, 365!

No waiting for weeks to get your rewards.

You get them in real time as you play or even as you sleep!

Not only that, Superone is releasing the Fandom metaverse where virtual gaming cities will grow into massive hubs for fans to interact and socialize.

Your membership is backed by an experienced and solid management team led by CEO Andreas Christensen, with strong relationships in the gaming and sports and entertainment world.

So here’s the opportunity for you to capitalize from the $300 Billion gaming market.

Own a stake in the future of the Online Trivia Gaming market. It’s the future of online trivia gaming, powered by Superone.

For more information on how to register your interest, please click the “let me in” button below and we’ll see you on the other side

Superone is currently raising money through equity crowdfunding to support our development and make this launch the greatest in our history.

Low commitment starts from $1000 up to 50,000 for the coveted “lootboxes” to share in the lucrative International revenue pool.

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