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This post is a summary of the current brand new Superone Trivia Game presentation which is being released in a prelaunch free to play version on December 15th 2022 while the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is being played out.

Make sure you read the entire post and/or watch the videos on this page to make sure you know everything you need to make an informed decision about the game, the business and the special promotions being run by the founding members of the Smart Gamers Club.

We are the leading affiliate team of the Superone Creators platform.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about the Superone game, the Creators’ platform and how to get started fast so you can build your community fast and start generating a significant online business.

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Awesome. Thanks very much Kevin, and another very warm welcome to everyone. And I just want to, before I get started, point out that through my presentation there’ll be a series of pictures and illustrations.

They’re all fantastic, but they are just for illustration purposes only. And we’ve got some number estimates when we get down to the business side of things, these are our estimates, or they’re estimates from SuperOne.

So, we can’t guarantee that these estimates will be achieved, but my personal view is I think they’re very conservative, and we should be able to achieve them.

But I just wanted to point out that the pictures are for illustration purposes only, the numbers are our estimates, and every person needs to do their own research, their own investigation, and make their own decisions.


Let’s kick off by talking about the game, and we’ll cover this in a couple of parts.

I’ll explain how the game works and why it’s really important and why it’s going to revolutionize and disrupt the sports and entertainment trivia market.

We’re really excited about it, so much so that I keep jumbling up my words.

But then, once we’ve gone through the game and the background behind that, we’ll talk about the business opportunity, because let’s face it, most of us are here to understand how we can benefit from joining in this world of fame, fortune, and friendships.

But let’s have a look at the game.

It’s simply a trivia game.

We swipe, we get a question, comes up on our smartphone, and it’s on an image, got a question, it’s a true-false question.

If we think it’s no, we swipe to the left. If we think the answer is right, we swipe to the right.

But we have a series of live swipes

We have passes, get the next question,

we have freezes, pause the game for a moment,

or we can swap and get a whole brand-new question.

And that’s the way the game works.

It’s an app people download on their smartphone, very simple, most people have smartphones, and those that do know how to download apps and play games on their phones.

We’re not teaching anybody anything new, but what we are doing is we’re tapping into the world’s leading fan bases.

Now, our launch market is through football.


There are 3 billion fans worldwide, most of us know that the World Cup in Qatar is on right now.

It’s estimated that 5 billion people will tune into the World Cup at some time during the month when it’s on.

This is the world’s most watched sport, and the world’s most watched sporting event.

But there are other sporting categories with massive fan bases.

Basketball, 2 billion,

football, the American version, 400 million, and

mixed martial arts, a relative newcomer to the space, 9 to 10 years since it kicked off but already amassed 550 million fans.

But we have music, movies, fashion, social, so much more.

What we’re doing is we are going to fill the void in the market with a world class skill-based gaming experience that’s powered by the interests of these billions of fans.

And that’s very important, it’s a skill-based game, this is not gambling.

You need to know the answers to some of the questions at least to make it through and win the prize.

So, our launch market, we’ve partnered with Footballco, they’re the world’s largest football content and media business, they’ve got a number of different brands, and we’re already seeing the promotions running

640 million fans, they have a billion video views every month, and we know that 500 million of their fans already are gamers.

So, we’re not teaching anybody anything new, and we’re tapping running to their pleasure zone, getting where the people are really excited.

But we’ve also partnered with FIFPRO, and they are the players unit, 65,000 professional football players, and 50 national teams.

So, this provides us with the collective licensing of both names and images for all of the players and clubs in this particular space.

The first promotion is through Goal50, which is part of Now, Goal 50 is a voting process that run every single year.

It’s about the top 50 players, men’s, women’s, there’s a World Cup series this year.

Last year it was sponsored by Visa, this year it’s being sponsored by SuperOne, and we’re seeing this run in multiple different languages across multiple different regions around the world.

So, I think it’s being published in 17 different languages, 200-odd countries around the world.


The game is called a battle royale, which effectively means last fan standing, a very popular game mode.

This month we are planning to release the free version of the game, and from this we’ll create a large player base, and do it really fast by giving away prizes.

And those first prizes are cash prizes.

More about that in a moment. Then in quarter one of 2023, we’re going to introduce a paid version of the battle royale.

And this is where the real excitement kicks in, because we’ve got higher prizes that are paid for with entry fees.

So, fanatical gameplay is the process, is what we’re chasing.

It’s a picture-driven content in sports and entertainment.

We want to delight our players, make it visually stunning, and an exciting experience.

And all our images are licensed through leading agencies, which you can see on the screen, Getty Images, iStock, Shutterstock.


So, all above board, all fully licensed, all engaging, and all very current imagery.

The purpose-built questions come in three different levels, and there’s billions of game combinations that will power all the challenges going through the game.

We have our easy questions, our medium questions, and our harder questions.


Everybody starts at exactly the same time, and they swipe the answers to the questions until there is only one fan standing.

A new game will be starting every five minutes, and the winner of each of these games, even though they’re free to join initially, we have a fixed fee pay up, but when we go to the pay to play a game, then it’s a percentage of the entry fees.


The general features, the question comes up, you’ve got 10 seconds to find the right answer.

The first 10 seconds in our battle royale are easy, the next 10 will be medium, and then they become hard until the winner is crowned.

And when we get down to the last 10 people playing, no more help features.

But the help features, they’re available when we get started, a maximum of three times for each of these per game.

So, if you want to pause the game five seconds so that you can have a little bit of think about the question, or perhaps ask somebody, then you’d use a freeze.

Or you can just go straight to another question with a pass, or double tap and get another question as well.

You’ve got three lives, and when three lives are gone, you’re out of the game.

The last fan standing is the person that wins the prize.

All of these questions are connected to NFT cards.


Every time a premium feature, like a pass, a swap or a freeze, you use, staking bonuses are paid to those people that hold their cards.

And our staking bonuses run from easy questions, which are bronze, through silver, medium, gold, platinum, and diamond are the harder questions, and they earn those NFT cards from every single one of those in-game help features.


So, advertising spaces. It’s a special NFT card, which in fact is blank.

Think about an advertising billboard, and with a space you’re taking part of that advertising billboard.

So, when our brands come in, and the campaigns are launched on the billboard, then the holders of the spaces share in the revenue from games when people choose to play for free.

Because to play for free, you will need to watch the advertiser.


We have exciting team games as well, so there’s so much to this.

And on the social level, the players can fight together in fanatical battles to win rewarding prizes.

It’s not just about cash prizes, we could be running battles to earn trips,  tickets to events, much, much more, and the sky’s the limit in what we can do.

It’s all about enabling these billions of fans to connect and compete for the highest scores, win prizes, and unlock rewards.

But we also have the opportunity to bring the stars in, and this will happen in quarter two of 2023.


The star feature allows everyone to play head-to-head against the stars themselves.

The stars will record themselves, and through the artificial intelligence, it makes the experience for our player authentic, and it enables the profound star engagement to run with large audiences.

And when the stars engage with this, then 10% of all of the transactions will flow revenue through to them.

So, with 100,000 players spending just $1 each, each day, the star can potentially earn 10,000 a day just by getting involved in the business and showing up.

The star feature also allows the staff to create teams, and this is a combined score from each team, then determines the leading and best teams.

All of these features are designed to create this excitement and fanatical gameplay.


There’s a partner feature as well, and my example here is Spotify.

And it’s just an example that we are using to illustrate how this would work.

The publisher, in this case Spotify, could create a specialized battle that engages their specific audience very directly.

And in this case, it could be a music battle sponsored by Spotify, which they’re promoting through their platform.

And that partner can earn a fixed bonus of 10% from all of those transactions.

Again, a million players spending just a dollar each, each day, could potentially earn the partner $100,000 every single day.


Now, this is where we get involved in the business.

We Are the Creators.


They’re empowering all of us to increase our earnings by leveraging our connections, and showing and receiving disruptive real-time bonuses.

So, our creator bonuses, they redefine this whole referral business, because what actually happens is we’re getting paid instantly.

Every time something happens on the platform, any payment that is due to a creator is paid out in real time.


The Supertoken is the token that runs on the platform.

Now remember, this is an app we download from the app store, and game players do not need to know anything about the crypto space, but in the background, this is all running on digital assets and blockchain and smart contracts and utilizing the latest technology.

So, the Supertoken is a utility token where we acquire those, and 10% is paid out as a staking bonus from every single purchase on the platform.

And that includes our game fees. When people pay to play from the cards, when we see them being purchased, but also from those help features, the advertising through the spaces, the trading of cards, and the sale of loot boxes, which I’ll explain right at the end of my presentation.


So, real-time bonuses, this is the theme that runs through the whole platform.

It’s a modern process, and it distributes equally all of the net revenues instantly to the platform’s five different stakeholders.

And we use a strategic form of micro-transactions that encourages frequent buying, and is driven by the emotional factors of being involved in exciting gameplay.


Let’s talk about this combination that we’ve got going.

The first games will be free, but each one will have free cash prizes involved.

A new game is going to start every five minutes, that’s 12 every hour, 288 every day.

So, 10,000 in cash prizes is going to be distributed every day during our launch promotion.

This will attract millions of players and create a very wide awareness of SuperOne.

So, that starts very, very soon.

Then we amp it up, pay-to-play, bigger cash prizes, same format, a new game every five minutes, 12 every hour, 288 every day.

It’s a dollar to join and play these games, and the cash prize is now a percentage of the game entry fee. 20% the first, 10% the second, and 5% the third.

So, these are attractive game prizes, and games will be fast paced, frequent winnings, and they’re due to commence in quarter one of 2023.

The proposition is this, with 3 million daily players paying just $1 per game in entry fees, we’ll see average games running 10,000 players.

That’s three and a half thousand cash prizes per game, 2000 the first, 1000 the second, 500 the third. That is exciting, and something that’s not available in the market.

A new cash prize starts every 5 minutes.

And with event placed games, we could be looking in a million dollars worth of daily cash prizes.

So, take a hundred-thousand player event game as an example to see how this really amps up.

The same $1 entry to join, 100,000 players per game, now we’re looking at $35,000 in cash prizes.

So, the winner, the last fan standing, could walk away with $20,000.

And we’ll run these event games in special categories, or we’ll have players qualified to be invited into these games.


Starting with the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar which is being played as we write this.

The World Cup of football will help us kick off the Superone dream, and then we’re going to gradually open up other football categories, as well as other sporting codes and entertainment categories too.

Once the World Cup tournament has been completed, we will turn our attention to the four clubs:

  1. Manchester, they have a 600 million fan base, keen and eager to get in on things that involve their club.
  2. Liverpool, 500 million fans
  3. Barcelona
  4. Real Madrid

So, lots of excitement, and massive fan bases involved with all of these. And this is just with our free games, where players are playing for the opportunity to win a share of $35 every five minutes of the day.


Let’s take a step back and now look at the business itself.

We are at the forefront of blockchain technologies.

There’s a proven track record here for using gaming as the catalyst for the disruptive real-time business model.

We already have 52,000 players in 233 countries who have purchased 91,000 packs. In the last 18 months, 15 million in sales.

We have nearly 200,000 NFT cards already been published, and 105,000 users on the platform.

The team started with three people, Andreas Christensen, Stian Alex, and Stian Andre, The Norwegian founders..

They got together, formulated the game, and the team has now grown in the creative and design side of things to in excess of 38 people.

The main office is in Tonsberg in Norway, it’s a little village about an hour outside of Oslo.

I had the privilege of going there in October and sitting down with Andreas and a number of people in the creative and design team, get a deeper understanding of what they were doing, how all of this worked behind the scenes.

And I can tell you, I came away from there excited. I was excited when I went there, and I was over the moon when I left.

The technology team is predominantly based in New Delhi in India, we’ve got over 30 people operating there, and all of these people are in-house programmers.

We’re not outsourcing the technology, it’s all done in-house, it’s all proprietary, and fully owned by SuperOne.


The monthly project monitoring is being done by KPMG, and we’ve got Halburton in there as well, providing a security audit, having a look at the smart contracts, and a range of other different things in relation to security.

So, we have this credible audit trail across the whole technology platform.

And of course, our cloud platform usage is through Amazon Web Services, which gives us that scalability.

So, as our players come on board, and the excitement starts, we can scale up very, very quickly.


MarketAcross has come on board as our PR partner. They’re the world’s leading blockchain PR firm.

They’ve got world class clients, Binance,, Decentraland, and many, many more.

They put their first press release out just a few days ago, and it went viral in that first 24 hours.

It was picked up by Binance Feed, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance, and many, many more.

SuperOne is out there in the market, the excitement’s growing, and definitely it’s growing on the inside as well with us, anxious for that game to come out and start playing.


So, what’s the business model?

The net revenue from this is divided equally between five parties, but in real time so that the ones that we’re actively involved in as the people involved in the business, as the creators, there’s a 20% share goes to creators, and a 20% for those people holding the digital assets through the staking.

The platform that needs to be paid for, when the stars come on board, they will take a share in this revenue, and also the owners do as well.


Let’s have a look at this with only 3 million players spending just $1 per day.

That would generate a $50 million yearly distribution. With a circulating supply of 500 million tokens, each token can generate a yearly token bonus of 10 cents under this model.

And using a price-to-earnings ratio of 50, that token could be valued as high as $5, and currently it’s 20 cents.

The token allocations, currently we’re moving towards the first 500 million being in circulation, but there’s a cap of 1 billion as our total supply.

And this is being distributed as you can see there, the creators, our cohort, 25%, there’s 20% going into staking, the company has a 10% stake, investors another 20%, and when our players come on, they have the opportunity to acquire and earn up to 25% of the total super pool.

The game was first put together, the idea, concept, in late 2018 when Andreas came together with the other founders in Norway and came up with the initial concept of the game.

That initial concept, when they released it, went out into 185 countries, and five months later there was an 87% retention rate.

But where are we now?

We’re in the pre-launch phase, quarter 4, 2022, and through the initial promotions, we’re pre-registering people for the game.

The free games are due to start very, very soon, and the paid games will start in quarter one next year, and then in quarter two next year we’ll introduce those exciting star games into the platform as well.


As creators, how do we get involved in this fantastic opportunity?

It really is a world where fortune flavors the bold. We get access to all of this opportunity through creator loot boxes.

This is a package of creative features which include bonuses, game features, but also digital assets.

And all we need to do is buy one or more of one of the six levels of creator loot boxes that are available.


super one app

Our starting price is 10 US dollars, and we go up through our bronze at 100, silver, 500, gold at 1000.

And we think this is where the real value starts to kick in, and I’ll explain that at the moment.

Our platinum loot box is 10,000, our diamond loot box is 50,000.

And there’s no limit to the number of loot boxes any one person can buy. Each of these loot boxes comes packed with these game help features.

But as I said, you don’t have to be a player to benefit from the game, because what we’re getting is the digital assets that go with it.


The NFT cards are used where the questions in the game are presented on the screen as you play the game.

Players then use help features, which they’ve had to pay for, like the freeze or swap and these actions generate revenue for those NFT spaces.

And this is where you need to understand the importance of the GOLD lootbox because it’s the gold loot box where we start issuing those NFT spaces, to the bronze, to silver, to gold.

This is where all 7 revenue streams are activated.

If you want to make money in Superone and gain the most leverage then Gold is where you need to be.

If you can’t afford Gold immediately then you need to join with The Smart gamers Club to understand how you can build your community asap in order to generate the $1000 you need to buy the Gold Lootbox position and lock it in for life!

That’s the BSGP code in there, we’ve also got in the platinum, we issue platinum spaces and NFT cards, and at our diamond level we’re getting platinum and diamond as well as those bronze, silver, and gold.


These are the digital assets. They come in two classes, and the normal super token is valued currently at 20 cents.

That price is going change on the 15th of December to 40 cents. So right now, an entry’s going to get in 50 tokens, bronzes 500, silver, 2,500, gold 5,000 and platinum, there’s a premium there, 57,500, and a bigger premium at the diamond, 325,000.

And you’ll see on the last line here, we have pool tokens.



That is a very special class of tokens in very limited supply. And each of these, once they’re acquired, will seed, and that means they grow, each one grows to 10 times the current number.

So, at gold you start with one, it’ll seed through to 10, platinum, 13 will go to 130, and diamond, 70 will go to 700.

But gold is where the real value, I think personally, kicks in. And that’s because we’re getting the NFT cards as well as the NFT spaces.

We’re getting a good batch of super tokens, as well as this is the first level to get the pool tokens.


superone smart gamers club

There are seven creator bonuses that will enable us to monetize our contributions to the platform.

Four of these are based on just ownership of the digital assets, the token bonus, the card bonus, the space bonus, and if you get the pool tokens, the pool bonus.

But there’s an opportunity for those that choose to actively refer to generate up to 30% in additional bonuses through a direct 10% bonus for introducing others who acquire loot boxes, a binary bonus of 10%, but also up to 20%, for helping other people join and building teams.

But also there, where your teams are expanding and growing, and people are also getting binary bonuses in your group, there is another matching bonus that is available.

So great bonuses, great features, we go through all of those creative bonuses in a lot more detail in our training.


Let’s go back to the estimates, our 3 million players paying just $1 per day.

smart gamers superone

Most super tokens will generate a yearly token bonus of 50 million, with a circulating supply of 500 million, then each one could generate itself 10 cents.

Using that price-to-earnings ratio of 50, the token value could increase from its current 20 cents all the way up to $5, and potentially higher.

Those pool tokens, very limited supply, and a maximum circulating supply when fully seated of only 600,000.

So, the yearly pool bonus, 37.5 million, just distributed to 600,000 pool tokens.

That’s a yearly token bonus of $62.50.

using that same price-to-earnings ratio of 50, those pool tokens could be valued in excess of $3,000.

So, with our loot boxes, gold is our sweet spot, and the bonuses paid at this level are unlimited.

There’s no earnings cap, they get a direct bonus for introducing others at 10%, they participate in all the binary bonuses, double binary up to gold loot box sales, and matching for generation.

But also, they’re getting revenue on bronze, silver and gold NFT cards, bronze, silver and gold NFT spaces, with 10% staking on the super tokens, and 7.5% staking on those pool tokens.

I need to point out that our entry, bronze and silver loot boxes have an earnings cap of 10 times the purchase value.

superone play to earn game

But that can be increased by simply acquiring another loot box, whether it’s entry, bronze or silver to get another 10 times cap and continue earning, or go to gold and have an unlimited cap on the amount that you can earn.

Let’s put this in perspective on what the value could look like after 12 months just based on those 3 million players spending $1 a day.

superone online trivia gaming app

So, you bought a gold loot box, in my example, for $1,000. Your token bonus would be $500, and the pool bonus, 625. So, that’s a total in bonuses of 1,125 on something you paid $1,000 for.

The token value though, the super tokens, could be as high as $25,000, and the pool tokens, 31,250.

So, you’re looking at a 56 times uplift in the value of the digital assets that you’ve acquired. And of course, when you go to platinum and diamond, platinum is getting a 69 times uplift, and diamond, a 76 times uplift. So, massive value just through those digital assets.


is superone legit

Our super token, very important to understand this, the current price is 20 cents, from December 15th, that price is going to increase to 40 cents.

And once the token is listed, then the market will determine the price from there on.

Our pool tokens, the current distributions, you get one in a gold, 13 in a platinum, 70 in a diamond, and each one of those tokens will grow and be seeded 10 times.

They are limited availability, and when the initial distributions are gone, there will be no more.

And when they’re fully seeded, 600,000 will be in total circulation.

So, it’s a disruptive model that empowers everybody to earn from their contributions and from their connections, and all of this is paid in real time.

Yes, we connect our external wallets to our back office, and every time we do a payment, it’s going directly to that wallet in XRP in real time. Fantastic.

We’ve been seeing this happen since the first day when we joined, and acquired out box, and we’re very, very excited about what’s to come.